Explain how using basic facts can help you find 10*20*30*40 mentally.

Accepted Solution

240000 will be the answer.Further explanation:The following steps can help to calculate the given product mentally.Given: 10*20*30*40Step 1:As we can see that there are zeroes with each number so we will count the total number of zeroes that is 4. So there will be four zeroes in the answer.Step 2:Now we multiply the numbers excluding the zeroesi.e. 1*2*3*4The product is 24.Step 3:The zeroes will be written to the right of the product of numbers.i.e. 240000 Hence, the given steps will help us to find the product mentally.Keywords: Product, oral productLearn More at:brainly.com/question/10666510brainly.com/question/12792548#LearnwithBrainly